Most of the business dealings I have revolve around MSME’s– micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. And it is common for them to ask me about social media tips I can share for companies that don’t have a (comparably) big budget for marketing and promotions.

I share what I can, of course, but the good people over at Penguin Recovery Service have put together this stellar infographic with ten such social media tips, just for small business ventures.

Top 10 Social Media Tips for Local Businesses

Top 10 Social Media Tips for Local Businesses

Source: Penguin Recovery Service.

Key Learning POINTS: Social Media Tips for small businesses

Digital marketing should always be a part of the marketing mix for any MSME or small business looking for a cost-effective way to promote their products, services, and events.

Specifically, social media for local businesses allows for a level of engagement that most traditional marketing methods miss out on.  You don’t have to be on all social media platforms– just identify two or three key channels, and put some purpose and strategy into your social media plan.

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