10 Tips on How to Best Enjoy Your Buffet Breakfast at Balay Dako

Prelude to a food coma: how to best enjoy your buffet breakfast at Balay Dako.

1. Go for Balut! It's good for you! 2 pieces should be fine. 4-6 pieces is a heart attack in the making.

2. You gotta have some of that pan de sal with kesong puti and muscovado sugar. Have it toasted for best results!

3. Have some champorado and arroz caldo. Garnish them to your heart's content.

4. The piaya? Balay Dako makes their own. So fresh, so good.

5. Leave some room in your tummy for the kakanin station.

6. Other great stuff to have: ginataan, the corned beef, taho, and puto bumbong.

7. Remember: while you can make your own fried rice as well as your own omelettes however way you like, you can easily just go and grab some ready garlic rice or regular eggs if you can't wait for your talangka sinangang.

8. For ulam: you have tuyo, longganisa, tocino, adobo, and bacon. But don't forget to have some fruits/veggies para kunwari healthy.

9. Your buffet comes with coffee and drinks. Ask for a larger glass for your fresh juices/iced tea. You're welcome.

10. Lastly: come early because Jesus Christ those are long-ass lines of people wanting to come chibog.

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