11 Fonts To Avoid When Branding Your Business

Now, I’m not a knowledgeable kind of guy when it comes to fonts. In fact, I’ve only started to discover that there’s a whole world out there on fonts and, well, font-ology (there must be a better word, I’m sure, but it seems to have escaped me at the moment).

I’ve had the pleasure of working not just artists and designers who seem to know which font is best paired with what, but also with people who have taken up fonts as a hobby. And mind you, there are LOTS of fonts out there. Any of you remember the good old days of Windows 3.1 when we just had a mere 20 or 30 or so available on that antiquated version of Office?

So now that you *do* have thousands upon thousands of fonts ready to use, right there in your PC, which ones are good choices to use when putting together a logo, or a presentation, or a brochure or something?

Check out this infographic: 11 Fonts to Avoid When Branding Your Business:

11 Fonts To Avoid When Branding Your Business
11 Fonts To Avoid When Branding Your Business, by On The Spot Studio

Much thanks to the guys of On The Spot Studio for this handy infographic.

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