Conan Does Secret Santa

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So how was your Secret Santa at the office this year?

Here in the Philippines, we celebrate our own version of Secret Santa, called Monito Monita. The idea is pretty much the same: right before the Holidays or Holiday Break, you pick out someone (via lottery, or from a fishbowl or something) to give nice little gifts to on a daily/weekly basis, and finally culminating in a big exchange gift-giving event at the Christmas Party that year.

For the staff at Conan (on TBS), they’ve got their own Secret Santa going as well. This year, is particularly special because Conan O’Brien himself is taking part in the holiday office festivities:

How cool was that?

I’d say that was very cool!

Conan airs nightly (11/10c) on TBS, and you can catch all these cool Conan clips online by following TeamCoco over on YouTube.