Wanna Drive More Traffic To Your Website? | An Infographic

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One of the biggest challenges for anyone with a website is driving sufficient traffic into the site.

Whether you’re a blogger, a small business owner, a webmaster, or an internet marketing practitioner, web traffic means business. It’s still a numbers game, and you’ll definitely want those numbers to interact with your site, share their discoveries with their colleagues and friends, and hopefully, keep coming back.

from BestWebHostingGeek.com.

Infographic by BestWebHostingGeek.com.

The Takeaway

Here are a few key messages I’ve learned from this infographic:

  1. Your website should have Social Media buttons to let your readers share your content, allowing more people to come discover all the great content on your site.
  2. Take some time to read Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
  3. On-Page strategies you can implement:
    • Keep publishing content
    • Optimize your site for search engines
    • Incorporate social tools
    • Start a newsletter/mailing list
  4. Off-Page strategies you can readily implement:
    • Use Social Media
    • Try to get strong links from external sites
    • Get other bloggers to guest write
    • Participate in online forums & communities
    • Use free press release services (like PRLog.org, Newsvine.com and PitchEngine.com)
    • Create and share videos on YouTube.
  5. There are several paid off-page strategies also available to you.
    • Pay-per-click networks:  Google Adwords, Clicksor, Yahoo! Advertising, Digital Point & BidVertiser
    • Banner Advertising: BuySellAds.com, Adroll.com & BuyAds.com
    • Sponsored Reviews: SponsoredReviews.com & ReviewMe.com
    • Sponsored Social Media Advertising: SponsoredTweets.com & Izea.com
    • Social Media Advertising: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
    • Premium Press Releases: PRWeb.com & BusinessWire.com

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This article is part of the Sunday Blogging Sunday series on Renzie Baluyut Online.  Sunday Blogging Sunday aims to help entrepreneurs, professionals, subject matter experts and small businesses build better blogs.

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Using Social Media as an Evangelist for Your Business, by Guy Kawasaki

Renzie Baluyut on Entrepreneurship

Here’s a video posted by the good people of the MIT Enterprise Forum San Diego, featuring Guy Kawasaki, with a presentation entitled, “How to Use Social Media as an Evangelist for Your Business and Here’s How I Did It!”

About the MIT Enterprise Forum

The MIT Enterprise Forum is dedicated to strengthening technology clusters globally so that the innovation economy can grow and bring new and interesting technologies and innovation into the marketplace.

It is the preeminent organization of entrepreneurs in the global innovation economy. Through a network of chapters worldwide, the MIT Enterprise Forum produces 400+ events, activities, and workshops annually to connect, inspire and inform technology entrepreneurs, business leaders and enthusiasts.

The MIT Enterprise Forum collaborates with hundreds of corporate, academic and government organizations that connect members of the technology and entrepreneurial ecosystem with resources that make the commercialization of technologies faster and easier.

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is a Silicon Valley author, speaker, investor and business advisor. He was one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing the Macintosh in 1984. He was also a co-founder of Garage Technology Ventures and a news aggregation site called Alltop.

He is a leading authority on the subject matter of entrepreneurship and business. On March 1, 2013, Kawasaki announced he would be joining Google as an advisor to Motorola. His role is to create a Google+ mobile device community.

Entrepreneurship with Renzie

Without a doubt, entrepreneurship is important. Why so? It helps to create employment. It provides self-sufficiency and wealth for both individuals and communities. It’s great for character building, as well as for building the economy.

Entrepreneurship was not taught in school, but the fundamentals– work ethic, managing finances, business development, tenacity, resilience– all these are invaluable skillsets and traits for anyone who wishes to venture into business.

This blog aims to bring together all these great resources for entrepreneurs— articles, videos and links to useful websites– in an effort to help encourage and empower others towards starting their own entrepreneurial ventures, or run their existing businesses even better.

John Cleese on Creativity

This is a video of clip of John Cleese from a talk he did in 1991, uploaded by Video Arts, a UK-based e-learning company founded in 1972 by John Cleese, together with other television professionals.

John Cleese

John Marwood Cleese is an English actor, comedian, writer and film producer. He is quite probably best known as a key member of the legendary comedy troupe Monty Python.

He has appeared in such films as Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Life of Brian, A Fish Called Wanda and Fierce Creatures, as well as two James Bond films, two Harry Potter films, and the last three Shrek films.

With writer Antony Jay he co-founded Video Arts, a production company making entertaining training films. John Cleese sold the company in the 1990s.

Renzie, and Getting Shit Done.

“Get Shit Done” is a series of posts here on Renzie Baluyut Online, focusing on lifehacks as well as tips on creativity, productivity, time management, innovation, leadership, and other nuggets of wisdom inspiration to nudge you ever-forward towards accomplishing what you have to do, and much more.

How To Be a Good Boss | An Infographic

Renzie Baluyut on Small Business Management

It’s cool to be the boss.

But what’s even cooler is to be a really good boss. We’re talking about a boss that all your employees look up to, someone who not only gets things done, but also empowers others to do better at work.

For small business owners, young professionals and entrepreneurs, here’s a rather informative infographic put together by the good people over at WorkSimple and WaltonPortfolio.com.

By WorkSimple and WaltonPortfolio.com

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