The Increasing Popularity of Vacation Rentals

In & Around Tagaytay, with Renzie Baluyut

Whenever I’ve concluded business with my soon-to-wed couples, I try to get to know them a little more– usually asking about Tagaytay wedding preparations, or if they’re still looking for local wedding suppliers, or what other last-minute details they need fixed in time for the big day.

On the subject of accommodations– as family and friends fly in or drive in from all over– it’s common for my clients to ask me about where to stay in Metro Tagaytay. Sure, there are hotels and bed & breakfasts, but the one thing I’ve noticed is the popularity of renting a house or a condo for a few days while in Tagaytay for the wedding.

Renzie & Odette's Wedding, 2013 0713. Preps at Balai Taal, Tagaytay.
Look at that view! Balai Taal has a number of houses available for rent. The gardens below are also great for wedding receptions.

Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals are typically aimed at families or groups who would want a little more space to stretch out, with a kitchen for the option of cooking if they so wish, while still having a level of privacy and convenience more suited to their needs.

Some folks rent out a furnished apartment, house, or condominium on a temporary basis to tourists as an alternative to:

  • staying at a hotel or bed & breakfast
  • renting a room or a bedspace
  • or staying with nearby family/friends
A vacation rental property at The Lakeridge Suites

A Surge In Popularity

Vacation rentals are increasingly more popular as a travel option in the Philippines.  On a personal note, I have observed:

  • You can see more vacation rental listings on all kinds of online channels.
  • More condominium owners are refitting their properties for short- or long-term lease options
  • More investors are purchasing property specifically with the intention of developing vacation rentals.

In addition, according to USA Today Travel, portals such as Travelocity and Orbitz have launched their own dedicated vacation rental sites, while TripAdvisor bought a controlling stake in  More websites have come up to service particular locales or niche markets, and you can expect to see a similar trend here in the Philippines as well.


Revisiting Email Marketing

Renzie Baluyut on Marketing

Renzie Baluyut on Marketing

As a business owner, I can tell you right now that Email Marketing is very important.

Sure, it’s not as glamorous or cool as “Community Building”, “Search Engine Marketing”, or putting together a massive conference, but it’s a crucial skill for managing and maximizing leads brought in by all your content development and inbound marketing efforts.

I’ll even go as far as saying that for a business whose marketing has a really tight budget, Email Marketing is the way to to.  For larger, more established companies, Email Marketing is a cost-efficient way to nudge those leads along towards conversion.  So no matter what, as a business, you will want to do Email Marketing right.

According to an article posted recently by Hubspot, 70% of digital marketers see email as the top medium for ROI and 62% of B2B marketers plan to continue to increase spending for email marketing.

Think about it: we get emails everyday, from all sorts of people, colleagues, merchants, even random internet strangers. Ask yourself– what would it take for you to open one of those emails? Now as a business, what do you think should you be doing to get your potential clients to open your email? Continue reading “Revisiting Email Marketing”