10 Trends For Digital Branding in 2015 | An Infographic

From The Borenstein Group.

It’s a whole new year for digital marketing, and in our effort to stay as current as possible, we’ve been doing our own research on the latest developments in internet and mobile marketing, SEO, and user experience.

Here are ten trends for digital branding for the year 2015:

2015 0318 - Digital Marketing Trends 2015

Key Takeaway Points

Lots of great stuff here, all of which should be going towards your digital marketing strategy as you work on your websites, blogs, and social media channels.

1. The rise of more digital entrepreneurs.
2. Bigger brands may struggle with authenticity and real engagement.
3. More mobile use– think of scrolling more, instead of using a mouse.
4. Speaking of mobile, mobile is going to be even bigger.
5. The rise of citizen journalism.
6. Better use of analytics lead to a new surge in predictive insights.
7. For content: larger pictures and minimalistic text.
8. The challenge, however, is in making content authentic.
9. More privacy issues.
10. Your consumers are more likely to trust what they see on Page 1 of Google.

Hope that helps!