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In & Around Tagaytay, with Renzie Baluyut

This is a follow-up to one of our earlier posts, “5 Churches Perfect For Tagaytay Weddings”.  Covered on that post were:

Lourdes Church in Tagaytay City,
San Antonio de Padua in Silang, Cavite,
Madre de Dios Chapel within Tagaytay Highlands,
The Transfiguration Chapel in nearby Caleruega, Batangas,
and Chapel on the Hill in Batulao

Of these five churches, only two are actually within Metro Tagaytay— Lourdes Church in Tagaytay City, and San Antonio de Padua in Silang.

RBO 640x640px churches in Tagaytay

So whether you’re off to scope out churches for your Tagaytay wedding, arranging a Visita Iglesia road trip around Tagaytay, checking out where to attend mass this Sunday, or just going on a personal spiritual journey, we hope this new and improved list might be of better service to you as your plan your itinerary.

Let’s go right ahead and add eight more churches to round out our list of ten churches in Tagaytay:

Candelaria Chapel in Alfonso,
Ina ng Laging Saklolo in Tagaytay City,
Our Lady of the Candles Parish in Silang,
Palocpoc Church (or San Isidro Labrador Church) in Mendez,
Saint Augustine Parish in Mendez,
St. Gregory Parish Church in Indang,
St. Mary Magdalene in Amadeo,
and San Juan Nepomuceno Church in Alfonso. Continue reading “10 Churches In Tagaytay Perfect For Weddings | In and Around Tagaytay”

Celebrating the News of the X-Files Reboot with “David Duchovny”

Throwback Thursday, Renzie Baluyut

Yes, it’s official, dear X-Philes. We’ve just received word of an X-Files reboot. And it looks like everyone’s on board: Chris Carter, as well as Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny.


Time to catch up on old episodes!  While we all go dig up our old DVDs (or VHS tapes!) of the landmark 90’s hit series, check out this 90’s chick-rock classic: Bree Sharp’s ode to the dude himself, David Duchovny:

There’s a whole lot of cameos on this video– check out the YouTube page for more details on how they put this video together, and who’s in it!

(Hey, Breaking Bad fans!  That’s the almighty Vince Gilligan right there on the 1:47 mark!)

It’s Sunday night, I am curled up in my room
The TV light fills my heart like a balloon
I hold it in as best I can, I know I’m just another fan
But I can’t help feeling, I could love this secret agent man

And I can’t wait any more for him to discover me
I got it bad for David Duchovny
David Duchovny, why won’t you love me?
Why won’t you love me?

My friends all tell me
“Girl, you know it’s just a show”
Deep within his eyes
I see me wrapped up like a bow

Watching the sky for a sign
The FBI is on my mind
I’m waiting for the day
When my lucky stars align

In the form of David Duchovny floating above me
In the alien light of the spaceship of love, I need
David Duchovny hovering above me
American Heath cliff, brooding and comely

David Duchovny, why won’t you love me?
Why won’t you love me? Why won’t you love me?

This man is so smart
He’s abducted my heart and I’m falling apart
From the looks I receive, from those eyes I can’t leave
And you may say I’m naive, but he told me to believe

Ooh, my bags are packed
I am ready for my flight
Want to put an end to
My daydream days and sleepless nights

Sitting like a mindless clone
I’m wishing he would tap my phone
And just to hear the breath
Of the man, the myth, the monotone

And I would say, David Duchovny, why won’t you love me?
Why won’t you love me? Why won’t you love me?
David Duchovny, why won’t you love me?
Why won’t you love me? Why won’t you love me?

David Duchovny, I want you to love me
To kiss and to hug me, to debrief and to debug me
David Duchovny I know you could love me
I’m sweet and I’m cuddly, I’m gonna kill Scully!

And David Duchovny, why won’t you love me?
Why won’t you love me? Why won’t you love me? Yeah

— Bree Sharp & Simon Austin

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Bree Sharp 300x300pxAbout Bree Sharp

Bree Sharp came out with her ode to “The X-Files” lead actor David Duchovny in 1998.  In Metro Manila, the song was played on NU107, 99.5RT, and on 94.7 Extreme.

She now fronts for the electropop band Beautiful Small Machines.

You could check out the official Bree Sharp page here.


Lee Kuan Yew And The Red Box

(Heng Swee Keat of Singapore’s Ministry of Education shared this post on his Facebook page. Shared and reposted thousand times over, his story gives us a very enlightening look at an ordinary day of the late great Lee Kuan Yew.)

Mr. Lee's Red Box

Mr Lee Kuan Yew had a red box. When I worked as Mr Lee’s Principal Private Secretary, or PPS, a good part of my daily life revolved around the red box. Before Mr Lee came in to work each day, the locked red box would arrive first, at about 9 am. Continue reading “Lee Kuan Yew And The Red Box”

12 Lee Kuan Yew Policies That Transformed Singapore

(Via Interaksyon. This insightful opinion piece was written by Jorge Mojarro of Spain, currently a PhD candidate doing research on Filipiniana. )

Lee Kuan Yew does not have a name that rings Western ears, and Singapore is not familiar to many people outside ASEAN. It is quite unfortunate that the death of such an upright and consistent statesman, a model politician whose pragmatism should be emulated, is going to pass unnoticed by most people. His great feat cannot be ignored: create prosperity and bigger possibilities of happiness in a hostile and resource-less territory of the globe.

Right after their deaths, Hugo Chávez and Margaret Thatcher received insults or praises depending on the ideological filter of the opinion-maker. But it seems the death of LKY is not going to be as widely remarked on as it should.


This is most probably because his unorthodox political mindset did not carry the socialist faith or neoliberal Darwinism. His ideas about how to take charge of the destiny of a tiny city-state, although never systematized, deserve to be better known, thoroughly discussed, and studied. To do that, it would be necessary to touch on the recent history of the small island of Singapore. Continue reading “12 Lee Kuan Yew Policies That Transformed Singapore”