5 Skills You Need To Master As An Entrepreneur

(From Freelancer)

Being a business person or an entrepreneur requires a large and varied skill set. You may need to deal with legal issues, financial problems, product decisions, customer support, marketing, and more, all within a single day.

Not very far from the truth, really.

So what should you focus on mastering? We think that the 5 skills below are crucial for any business, whether you deal with them personally or hire others to take care of them. Continue reading “5 Skills You Need To Master As An Entrepreneur”

It’s 2015, and I’m Still Playing Skyrim

News just broke on Valve’s cancellation of the paid mods scheme for Skyrim, and this comes as a welcome development in my book.

Cup of Fus Roh Dah by CheeseMcButter
Thank you, CheeseMcButter, for this inspirational Skyrim poster!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is definitely one of the best role-playing games to have come out in recent years.  Although it was released in 2011, numerous mods have been made by fans all over the world, allowing anyone to pretty much do anything to the vanilla, off-the-shelf version of the game. Continue reading “It’s 2015, and I’m Still Playing Skyrim”

The CW Unveils The Superhero Fight Club

The CW just released an awesome promo for “Arrow” and “The Flash” called The Superhero Fight Club.

Here’s how I imagined the conversation went at The CW mothership when they were trying to put this promo together:

CW Exec 1: Marvel just handed us our asses!  First, Ant-man.  Then, Daredevil.  And then Disney released all this Star Wars crap just this week!

CW Exec 2: Avengers: Age of Ultron is coming out in a few days, too!

CW Exec 1: I know, right?  Look, we gotta come up with something cool.  We’re wrapping up The Flash and Arrow in a couple of episodes.  We gotta have something!

CW Exec 2: Hang on, lemme call those chumps over at Marketing.  Let them work their magic and shit.

Well, here’s something The CW whipped up– The Superhero Fight Club– and it’s just for the fans!


Final episodes of The Flash and Arrow begins on Tuesday and Wednesday on The CW!Promo Card for The Superhero Fight Club, from The CW's "Arrow", and "The Flash".