The Sad State of The Nation

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One of Jarius Bondoc’s pieces from his column on The Philippine Star has been making the rounds on the internet today. Entitled “The Breakdown of the Philippines”, the opinion piece paints a picture of the sad, sorry state of the nation.

Government no longer is working. Services have broken down. Neglected by the irresponsible political class, Filipinos are demoralized.

MRT queues 01
The unearthly long queues at the MRT are part of a grim reality the commuting public faces every single day. Photo from the official MRT3 website.

Most visibly collapsed is transportation. Metro Manila’s main commuter railway is so rundown it fields only eight three-coach trains during rush hour instead of the contracted 20. Yet the transport secretary continues since 2012 to pay the maintenance contractors, his political party mates, P67 million a month for non-work. The two other light commuter rails are falling apart too. Fares have been raised, but riders have no choice but to go on jostling for rides. To complainers the press secretary had this advice: go take the bus. Continue reading “The Sad State of The Nation”

Alfa’s Philippine Bar Tour 2015

A photo of singer-songwriter-musician Alfa

Chicks and dudes, please welcome back our very own Alfa, who flew in from Los Angeles to come hang out with her fans in the Philippines!

Welcome back, Alfa!

Alfa Poster
Here’s Alfa’s itinerary for the next couple days. Bring a friend, and head on over to say “Hi!”

Alfa’s got a pretty busy schedule today until Friday, as she makes the rounds of FM radio stations and TV stations. You may, however, catch her perform live at the following venues:

May 13 | Wednesday
Burger & Brewskies, Capital Commons, Pasig at 4PM.
Ukelele Philppines, The Collective, Makati at 7PM.

May 14 | Thursday
Power Plant, Rockwell, Makati at 4PM
Aracama at The Fort, BGC at 10PM

May 15 | Friday
Saguijo in Makati at 9PM

Alfa’s Philippine Bar Tour 2015 is made possible by our good friends over at Blender Marketing + Events.  Big thanks to Pacific Records, Radio Republic, Ukelele Philippines, Lyric and Kawai.

Find Alfa Online!

How To Fix WordPress Posts & Pages Returning a 404 Error

Sunday Blogging Sunday, Renzie on Blogging

I’ve been working on some websites earlier this week, and there were a couple of occasions when I installed a new plugin, or tried out this new theme, and my posts were returning with a 404 error.

My blog’s home page is OK, but when you click on links to posts or pages, you consistently come back with said 404 Not Found error.

Fortunately, in situations like these, I’ve learned not to panic.  I know my content is still all there (plus I’ve made it a habit to back sites up regularly, just in case), but there is something wrong with your .htaccess file– either it got deleted, or something might have happened with the rewrite rules. Continue reading “How To Fix WordPress Posts & Pages Returning a 404 Error”