Listening To: 80’s Alternative Music

In the mood for cool 80’s music? Here’s my very own Spotify playlist featuring 80’s alternative: a mix of alt-rock and new wave from the 1980 to 1989.

Some friends of mine have been sharing this other list, “55 Essential ’80s Songs Alt-Rock And New Wave Tracks You Need At Your Party” a couple of weeks back, and as some of my former radio colleagues can attest, it’s a pretty “Americanized” playlist. Nothing wrong with it, but being the bunch of music experts that we are, we feel like it could use a few more tracks.

It’s a good start, though. So I took that list of suggested tunes, and added a bit more, so now we have our own 80’s alternative mix on Spotify.

I call this the “Shit My Aging Hipster Ass Plays All Week — 80s Alt Rock by Renzie” playlist.  All you have to do is hit the “play” icon, and you’ll be treated to random 80’s music goodness

What’s It Got?

So far, we have a little more than 280 songs queued up– which amounts to at least 20 hours of awesome 80’s listening.  It’s a mix of…

  • Lots of great new wave stuff: The Smiths, The B-52’s, Depeche Mode, and Simple Minds, etc.
  • The usual, and not-so-usual 80’s rock:  The House of Love, Curiosity Killed The Cat, The Pursuit of Happiness, The Pixies, and more.
  • Some of the more underappreciated tunes from some of the more familiar 80’s acts: Duran Duran, The Thompson Twins, A-Ha, Fine Young Cannibals, etc.
  • A bunch of genre-appropriate one-hit-wonders thrown in for good measure.

I’m the kind of guy who could really get lost on Spotify building up several playlists at a time. I’ll be revisiting this playlist from time to time to add more tracks. Also expect to read up more blog posts where I’ll be sharing other playlists in the weeks to come. 

Anything you think we should add to this particular playlist?

Until next time. Enjoy!