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The good people over at have compiled a bunch of applications and services popular with web designers.  BestVendor is a very useful site with all sorts of work apps as recommended by people who’ve used them, and I can imagine a lot of these recommendations must have come from web designers, as well as other tech professionals. Source: BestVendor.

The Takeaway

Web designers are some of the most tech-savvy professionals out there, employing a wide variety of tools that help with productivity and collaboration; tools that small business folk and entrepreneurs would also do well to familiarize themselves with. Clear winners:

  • Gmail for email, and Google Docs for documents.
  • Dropbox for online storage.
  • Adobe Photoshop for visual design.
  • Evernote for note-taking.
  • Final Cut Pro for video editing.

Apps & Services you might want to check out:

  • Layervault
  • XScope
  • WhatTheFont
  • Dropmark
  • GimmeBar
  • LookWork

So now that you’ve had a closer look at the Designer’s Toolkit, which apps and services will you now be adding to your own?

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