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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet. My name is Renzie Baluyut, and I’m a dude who wears many hats.

I’m in the business of putting together websites for other people. I’m also in the business of weddings, property development, custom cakes, content development, and FM radio sales. My considerable talents mostly fall under the category of media and marketing, hence my predisposition towards SEO, business development, and event management, among others.

My wife and I run a humble little bed-and-breakfast in Metro Tagaytay. We’re both serial entrepreneurs, we love to eat and travel, and we call Amadeo, Cavite home. My own day-to-day activities take me to clients in and around Makati City and Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, mainly, but also to other parts of Metro Manila and Metro Cebu.

In my downtime, I soak up on courses and tutorials on app development, advanced WordPress, ecommerce, and other subjects of interest. When not in front of a computer, I engage in a little bit of gardening, a bit of crock pot cooking, or I pick up a book or graphic novel for a little bit of light reading.

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Renzie Baluyut of Big Country Marketing and www.renziebaluyut.com.
The official elevator pitch:  “Hi, I’m Renzie.  All-around marketing guy, FM radio executive, and small business owner.”

The truth is, I feel like I’m in a constant state of evolution.  Over the many years I’ve seen action as a radio announcer, commercial voice talent, event host and producer, sound engineer, contact center professional and blogger-for-hire.  I’ve headed sales teams, marketing teams, rooms full of telemarketers, SEO writers, and even concert production crews at some point.

It would seem that my true love is anything and everything marketing communications. I love the various aspects of it and more importantly, how it affects small business:  branding, the use of blogging, positioning, public relations, event management, traditional media vs. new media, community building– I try to keep learning as much as I can, and applying these in my various projects.

Occupying most of my time right now is our specialty cake shop just outside Tagaytay City, where I manage day-to-day operations, as well as deal with our various business partners and clients, most of which are beautiful brides, young moms and soon-to-wed couples.

About This Blog

Renzie BaluyutThere used to be a time when I had a dozen or so personal blogs (in fact, they’re all still up right now, in various stages of neglects and mismanagement!).  I thought it would be prudent to just have this one main blog for all my personal musings, as well as rants and raves.

I consider this to be more of a notebook for matters of marketing, small business, finance management, blogging, entrepreneurship, and maybe the occasional bit of pop culture and shameless self-promotion.

But I also want this to be a resource for those also trying to navigate their own way through starting their own business, or setting up a new blog, or getting into a more productive lifestyle.

It’s a work in progress; I’ll keep adding small little sections here and there in between regular blog posts.  So please do come back from time to time, or even better– go ahead and subscribe to my blog!

Personal Stuff

I spend half my time in Tagaytay, where I run our various small business interests from our home office in Amadeo, Cavite.  Half the time, I spend in Makati to be with my lovely wife, Odessa (who’s running our other various small business interests from our home office there).

naturalWe just got married, and we’re both (trying, at least!) into a healthier lifestyle.  In fact, we’re both a few months into the Cohen Lifestyle Program, and very pleased with the results.

There used to be a time when I was into a lot more gaming (PC games, XBox games, RPGs and even the occasional CCG), but work and my various clients occupy the bulk of my time.  We do have a couple of hours quiet time at the end of each day, and we use this to catch up on our TV shows and movies.

I try to find time to catch up on my reading.  My ipad is filled with all sorts of references on marketing and business, baking, the paranormal, history and warfare, and even a few graphic novels and sci-fi/fantasy novels.  But nothing beats the feel of an actual paperback book (or an encyclopedia, for that matter) in your hands, so I always have one ready to be picked up when I have a few minutes of “me” time.

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