What’s Been Keeping Me Busy?

Renzie 01 800x800pxA lot of my family and friends have been wondering exactly what sort of shit do I do on a regular day.

Of course, while I would prefer to spend all that time relaxing and doing all sorts of fun stuff, that’s not really the case for most of us productive members of society. Besides, the bills aren’t going to pay themselves.

So here’s a quick look at what I have on my plate these days.

Digital Marketing and Events

Digital Marketing and Events 800x800pxThrough a small digital marketing agency that I run and operate, I wrack my brains for all sorts of bright ideas (and not-so-bright ideas), coming up with things to help grow a business, mostly using a mix of marketing methods, as well as different kinds of events and promotions.

So that means lots of content development, SEO, social media management, thrown in with local, on-ground or in-store marketing, as well as event design and management.

This is where most of the business development comes in: gotta figure out how to position your brand in the market, how to reel in more clients, how to keep them coming back, and all the marketing communications and sales that come with it, and how to improve the entire experience for everyone involved.


TagaytayLiving 800x800pxSince my wife and I relocated to Metro Tagaytay, we thought of having a website on pretty much anything and everything going on in the neighborhood, including our very own town of Amadeo in Cavite (which is really just outside Tagaytay City).

What started out as a real estate website has now evolved into a lifestyle and business portal covering Tagaytay City, and the neighboring upland Cavite towns of Alfonso, Amadeo, Indang, Mendez-Nuñez, and Silang.

Clientele are mostly various businesses in Metro Tagaytay, including hotels and bed-and-breakfasts, restaurants and coffee shops, farms and resorts, as well as wedding vendors and event suppliers.

Property Development

Nana's Farm 800x800pxOur pet project now is a small piece of land in the Tagaytay countryside we’re developing not just as our new base of operations in the neighborhood, but also as a thriving farm venture and our own country home and garden to entertain guests (as well as other clients).

So all that stuff about real estate and agriculture/ farming/gardening comes into play right here.  My wife is more directly involved with all the design and architecture (and eventually the operations aspect of it), while I will be more hand on with clients, partnerships, and developing the various aspects of the business.

Operational by the third quarter of 2016!

Our Boutique Cake Shop

Sofia's Cakes 800x800pxOne of our first forays as a couple in Metro Tagaytay, our boutique cake shop, is one of our more successful business ventures.

It’s a highly specialized venture, as 90% of the cakes that come out of our kitchens are wedding cakes– cakes that go out to various weddings that happen in the neighborhood of Metro Tagaytay, as well as nearby towns in Batangas (Nasugbu, Talisay, etc.), Cavite (Dasmariñas, Gen. Trias, etc.), and Laguna (Sta. Rosa, Los Baños, etc.). Occasionally, our cakes get to venture further out, such as in Metro Manila, but for the most part, we limit our activities to just our corner of uplands Cavite.

Also offered by the shop are wedding giveaways and souvenirs, party favors, professional party planning services, candy/dessert/snack stations, custom cake toppers, as well as dessert cakes and other custom cakes for birthdays, debuts, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Vehicle Rentals

Vehicle Rentals 800x800pxWe have a small fleet of vehicles we rent out, mostly for balikbayans or foreign guests.

Operating mostly from Metro Tagaytay, our sedans and vans take people to/from the airport, or to one of the hotels or resorts in the neighborhood.

On weekends, we normally have bakasyonistas from out-of-town who are staying for a Tagaytay wedding or for a family weekend, and would use the vehicle to go check out local churches or markets, or head down to Taal Lake, or just go around and check out the various attractions and restaurants our fair city has to offer.

A number of our sedans are reserved for use as bridal cars for Tagaytay weddings.

City Tours of Tagaytay

Guided Tours 800x800pxSometimes, our clients ask us to take them around Tagaytay for guided tours, and it’s usually all about what are the best new restaurants are in Tagaytay, where they can score herbs/flowers/fruits/vegetables, which wedding venues are worth checking out, or where they can get stuff to take back home (to Manila, or outside the country).

It used to be a service we’d reserve for some of our top clients, or for family/friends coming to visit, but we finally decided to offer it as a regular service (along with our vans and sedans) this year.

Depending on what guests fancy: we have a number of tours of various durations available, packaged with meals or accommodations in Metro Tagaytay, or may be customized for a more personalized experience.

Incubator Efforts

Incubator 800x800pxYou know what I was thinking might be cool?  An incubator project not unlike Erlich Bachman’s (also Nelson Bighetti’s) in the awesome HBO comedy “Silicon Valley”.

And so, I’m currently on the lookout for a suitable property to develop as such.  It might be in Tagaytay, it might be in Bonifacio Global City, or somewhere else in Metro Manila, but it will definitely be a hybrid of a co-working space/shared office/consultancy of sorts, where other like-minded friends can also come hang and develop their business ideas.

If that doesn’t work, at least we’ll have a nice place to kick back and play board games or have drinks watching extended TV/movie marathons, right?

Other Websites and Digital Projects

Other Online Projects 800x800pxI call it the backburner: a drawing board of ideas, each with a compilation of files, notes, and other resources just waiting to be fully fleshed-out at some point in the immediate future.

All these rough ideas are in various stages of development– from just a series of hurried notes typed out on Notepad, to full-blown working (but unpromoted and unoptimized) websites.

I hope to find time, or additional resources/manpower to get these ideas off the the ground.  In the meantime, well, there they are languishing in an external hard drive.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen!

Renzie 02 800x800pxThere’s quite a whole bunch of other stuff on my site: go ahead and head back to my notes on marketing and entrepreneurship, browse through my blog, or read more what sort of stuff I’m into now, or what sort of things I’d like to feature more on my site.

And if you need anything else, feel free to get in touch with me at any time.