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Renzie Baluyut in High School

Various pics of Renzie Baluyut in his High School days.


How To Better Use LinkedIn | An Infographic

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Crap From My Childhood Off Topic | And Now For Something Completely Different Renzie's Photo Galleries

Renzie Baluyut Growing Up in the 70’s and 80’s

Various pictures of Renzie Baluyut as a little child.

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A History of Marketing | An Infographic



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The Designer’s Toolkit | An Infographic

Infographics with Renzie Baluyut.  

The good people over at have compiled a bunch of applications and services popular with web designers.  BestVendor is a very useful site with all sorts of work apps as recommended by people who’ve used them, and I can imagine a lot of these recommendations must have come from web designers, as well as other tech professionals. Source: BestVendor.

The Takeaway

Web designers are some of the most tech-savvy professionals out there, employing a wide variety of tools that help with productivity and collaboration; tools that small business folk and entrepreneurs would also do well to familiarize themselves with. Clear winners:

  • Gmail for email, and Google Docs for documents.
  • Dropbox for online storage.
  • Adobe Photoshop for visual design.
  • Evernote for note-taking.
  • Final Cut Pro for video editing.

Apps & Services you might want to check out:

  • Layervault
  • XScope
  • WhatTheFont
  • Dropmark
  • GimmeBar
  • LookWork

So now that you’ve had a closer look at the Designer’s Toolkit, which apps and services will you now be adding to your own?

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Renzie Baluyut’s Various Work Pics

Various pics of Renzie at work!

I started working (officially) in my senior year of college. I remembered flunking an Anatomy exam, and somehow, in my depression, managed to call an FM radio station to ask if they had an opening. Turns out they did– if I showed up that afternoon. And so I headed down to Ayala Avenue, did a quick audition, then got interviewed by the Station Manager, and the rest is history.

When I joined 99.5 RT in 1994, it was the coolest thing ever. Sure, you had to go through radio boot camp– but in the end, your way of thinking has been completely rewired; and I was a totally different person ever since.

Renzie Baluyut - Various Work Pics _020

My last radio gig was with 105.1 Crossover in 2007-2008, but I spent the most time with Mellow Touch DWLL-FM (later rebranded to Mellow 94.7), having been employed with them for ten years.

In between radio gigs, I have:

  • Done voice-over work for radio and TV commercials, as well as corporate AVPs
  • Worked for AdFarm, an audio production company, matching voice talents with various radio, TV and AVP projects
  • As a freelance, hosted a lot of concerts, parties and corporate events.  Later on, I also did hosting gigs for weddings
  • Produced local concerts, events and other promotional activities.  First it was university campus tours, then parties and fun events for  contact centers, and then various on-ground promotional activities for FM radio.
  • Worked for the BPO industry (all the radio people seemed to have a contact center gig back then!), as an Operations Supervisor/Manager.  At one point, I was handling an entire floor of 120 agents.

My radio career ended in 2008.  My father had just passed away, and I thought I’d spend more time with my mom, and perhaps try to make it in the United States where they’ve been living for the past 10 or so years.

Blogs and internet marketing were emerging as a legitimate new form of media.  While traditional media was taking a beating, events were still doing pretty well.  At this point, my work-life shifted towards:

  • Blogging, including setting up talks for other bloggers, and developing content for other companies outside the Philippines.
  • Doing Search Engine Marketing work as a work-at-home freelancer.  Later did SEO work for an Australian online retailer.
  • Concert production and promotion.
  • Web development and project management.

Now, I’m focusing my efforts on small business.  I’m part of a small team that operates and manages a specialty bake shop that creates custom wedding cakes in Tagaytay.  In the pipeline are various other small business endeavors, which I’ll be writing about as soon as we get them off the ground.

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