Channeling Alicia Bridges

One of the earliest songs I can remember getting down to when I was a kid (was born in 1973, mind you!) was the disco classic “I Love The Nightlife” by Alicia Bridges.

It was a record I’d end up playing a lot when I used to go on board for 99.5RT back in the day (for our classics all-day program 24K Friday), and ingrained as it is into my subconscious, I just had to belt it out one night we all went out for karaoke in Tagaytay.

I love the Tagaytay nightlife. So much that I've got to boogie. On the disco round. Oh yeah. #AliciaBidges #WhatToDoinTagaytay #KaraokeNight #ILoveTheNightlife #TagaytayLiving

I love the Tagaytay nightlife. So much that I’ve got to boogie. On the disco round. Oh yeah.

Here’s the video clip of my version of Alicia Bridges’ “I Love The Nightlife”.

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Renzie voluntarily removed himself from the hectic Metro Manila lifestyle, and moved to Amadeo, Cavite, just outside Tagaytay where he can wake up to the sound of roosters, and freshly brewed coffee in the morning. By day, he manages a specialty cake shop. On weekends, he studies real estate management. In his spare time, he tinkers with websites. He loves DC action figures, the smell of paperback books, and KFC Hot N' Krispy.

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