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Folks, there’s a new digital HMO service out soon out in the market, and its goal is to make healthcare a lot more accessible to our kabayans who normally don’t get to have medical coverage.

From the good people over at CheckApp Republic, Inc.– or CARI, as we affectionately refer to them– comes their flagship product: CheckApp.

CheckApp by CARI |

While mobile applications have proliferated throughout the consumer landscape, one field found to be woefully underserved is Healthcare.

While upgraded Health Information Systems have been adopted by HMO’s, anyone who has signed up for medical insurance knows the struggles all too well:

  • The unfamiliarity with all the accredited hospitals and clinics.
  • Setting up doctors’ appointments
  • Verifying your account status before availing yourself of certain medical services
  • Going through hours to traffic to get to your accredited provider

As your HMO on-the-go, CheckApp aims to address these usual woes through a mobile platform connecting medical practitioners and health institutions to the general public. CheckApp is a total medical solution that allows users to connect with hospitals, medical professionals, diagnostic centers, clinics, and other healthcare providers all in one place.

Through their mobile phones, patients now can easily access their medical records, manage their doctor appointments, and browse through the nearest available medical services, among other things, using CheckApp.

Similarly, doctors and healthcare practitioners on the mobile app can not only manage their patient load, but also issue prescriptions, medical records, and connect with other professionals on the growing CheckApp healthcare network.

“This is a very exciting time,” says Richard Prodigalidad, the CTO of Tengcologics I.T. Services. “CheckApp’s goal is to make HMO services truly more accessible to every Filipino. Whether you’re part of a large organization, or if you’re running a small business, or even if you’re self-employed or a freelancer, we invite you to have a look at CheckApp and sign up for our services.”


Designed to not just be a convenience for patients and doctors in its growing network, CheckApp has an ambitious yet noble goal: Quality healthcare should be achieved by all.

Mr. Prodigalidad continues to talk about CheckApp’s corporate mission. “What we really want is to be able to bridge all these key players in the medical industry together– healthcare providers, medical facilities, even pharmacies and medical products– everything in the local medical industry, by means of the technology provided by CheckApp.”

For as low as Php7100/year, users not only have the peace of mind from knowing they are covered by a top-notch HMO plan, but they also have the convenience and access to CheckApp’s innovative features:

  • Online healthcare yellow pages
  • Online healthcare articles
  • Digital medical appointments
  • Fast HMO verification and approval
  • Medical records vault
  • Mobile payment of HMO and other bills

CheckApp is a mobile application by CARI. Available now on the App Store and on Google Play.

Check App Republic, Inc. (CARI)
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(Contact Number/s) (+63 917) 529.CARI (0917-5292274), (+63 2) 989.CARI (02-9892274)
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