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Renzie BaluyutYou could say I have a soft spot for entrepreneurial-types and fellow small business owners.  As Renzie Baluyut Online is a business-and-productivity-centric blog, I would be happy to help you out if you have something useful for our target readership of young professionals, entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals.

  • Do you have an event you’d want to promote?
  • Does your establishment have specials you think our target audience might find interesting?
  • Need help setting up a blog of your own?
  • Interested in discussing tie-ups or partnerships for our mutual benefit?

Yes, I might be inclined to promote your product, service or event here on my site for free, as long as I feel it’s relevant and interesting enough for our readership.  Also available, upon request, is a list of premium services we have for small businesses.

  • Branding and Online Presence-building services
  • Event Management services
  • Content Development services
  • Marketing and Business Development consultations
  • Community Building services
  • Web Development & Web Design services

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