Event Marketing Essentials | An Infographic

I’ve been in the business of events for over 20 years now. In 1994, I had my first hosting gig back when I was a radio announcer for 99.5RT. Man, I must have really sucked then.

Of course, you learn as you go along. Before the year 2000, I’ve already moved from event hosting and wedding hosting, to actually designing and developing events– themed parties, bar tours, movie premieres, concerts, and all other sorts of promotional activities.

Now, I’m in the business of weddings and party planning, and I can tell you that the essentials of getting the word out on your event are pretty much the same.  You also have all sorts of new tools available now– social media, mobile devices, apps– so you have to keep up if you want to stay relevant in the game of event marketing.

Event Marketing From A To Z
Event Marketing From A To Z

This infographic is made possible by the guys of HubSpot and Constant Contact.

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