Hotel Marketing Trends 2014 | An Infographic

Let’s take a quick look at the hotel marketing trends industry leaders have been noticing for the year 2014.
2015 0324 Hotel Marketing Trends 2014

Key Learning Points:

  • As Google keeps evolving, so too should your marketing initiatives. The search algorithms of Google are a lot more keen on determining intent (i.e. are you looking to buy, or are you just doing research?), which puts a lot more science into search marketing. Google+ continues to play a large role in local marketing as well.
  • The emphasis continues to shift towards a more mobile-ready market. Your customers consume media from their smartphones and tablets now more than they do on their PCs and laptops. Which means you should be actively developing more content to keep them engaged (and ultimately book with you!). Video makes for the best content, it seems. And make sure your website/s are not only fast, user-friendly, and responsive, but also able to take on bookings and inquiries no matter what device your clients are using.
  • Business will continue to come from not just from direct inquiries and bookings, but via online travel agencies, and meta search travel sites, which are all gaining more popularity among end-users.

Big thanks to Net Affinity for all the info. Renzie Baluyut Online: Adventures in Marketing and Entrepreneurship

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