I’ve Done a Lot of Writing

As far as I can remember, I’ve been putting my written communication skills to good use in just about any job or project I’ve been involved with.

These days, most of my writing would be for the various sites that I manage, which means a lot of articles geared towards certain keywords (for good SEO), as well as blurbs for social media, B2B and B2C correspondences, sales and marketing materials, and newsletters.

Taking Care of Business with FM radio executive, digital marketing entrepreneur, and small business owner, Renzie Baluyut | www.renziebaluyut.com
You know what inspires great writing? New experiences! Keep trying out new things, catch up on your reading, and travel as much as you can!

While writing was one of my strongest skills even back in high school and college, my proficiency was put to the test early on in my career: in radio, we were instructed to write down material for our own ad libs and other program content. Later, I’d be writing copy for commercials, putting together campaigns and segments, spiels for live events, and blocks of talk for special programs.

Even as I’ve found employment with other companies down the road, my job functions required me to cobble together press releases, business continuity instruction manuals, training programs, brochures, and sales pitches.

When I made the switch to digital marketing in 2007, most of my projects would be along the lines of developing content for blogs and WordPress websites (a few of which would be more optimized for search). Particularly so in the early 2010s, when the majority of my clients were US-based real estate companies and professionals. Later on, I would be tasked to create content for social media channels for various small businesses: scheduled Facebook posts and accompanying tweets, captions for Instagram and Pinterest, and even the occasional do-over of LinkedIn and Google+ profiles.

I continue to offer my writing services in Tagaytay, where I help out my fellow wedding, hospitality, and tourism professionals and businesses.

So whether you need help with your digital marketing requirements, or if you’d like to fill your business website or blog with content, or if you would like me to assist you with your business collaterals and PR campaigns, I’d be more than happy to go over your brand’s unique needs.

Taking Care of Business with FM radio executive, digital marketing entrepreneur, and small business owner, Renzie Baluyut | www.renziebaluyut.com
How can I be of service? Get in touch with me and let’s talk about working some digital marketing magic on your brand today!

Working with Renzie

Do you need me to work on a web project with you involving WordPress? Or do you need me to build you a site for your brand or your business?

Whether you’re looking at a consultation, a retainership proposal, or a per-project approach, my skills and experience can be of great service to you and your brand.

Let me know what’s on your mind, and get in touch with me here. Don’t forget to tell me a little bit about yourself, and where you’re from, so we can set up an online or face-to-face appointment, and take things from there.

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