Jasmine at New World Hotel Makati

Since we were celebrating New Year 2018 at the New World Hotel in Makati City, we thought we might as well try out their popular Chinese restaurant, Jasmine, at the second level.

All decked out and ready to celebrate the New Year!

Jasmine offers authentic Chinese dishes created by renowned Hong Kong chef Wong Kam On. New Year's Eve was a particularly busy night for the restaurant, but we nevertheless got an 8PM reservation, allowing us lots of time to enjoy a nice leisurely dinner.

We started out with the roasted suckling pig and spicy cucumber for appetizers, followed by a light but hearty chicken and mushroom soup.

Roast suckling pig and spicy cucumber.
Double-boiled black mushroom and chicken soup.

The main course was the fishcake with onion ring, along with the kung pao spare ribs, and the braised noodles.

Pan-fried minced fish and onion ring.
Wok-fried spare ribs, "Kung Pao"-style.
Braised e-fu noodles with crab meat sauce.

Probably the highlight of our meal was the Peking duck. Considered as a national delicacy of China, the Peking duck as we know it today has been perfected as early as the Ming Dynasty, and is a staple at the Imperial Court. We had ours done two ways: first as wraps, and secondly, minced with lettuce leaves and hoisin sauce.

Crispy duck skin, leeks, and cucumber wrapped in Chinese crepes, and served with hoisin sauce. Those were absolutely divine!

We wrapped up our New Year's Eve dinner with some chilled mango sago and some herb tea.

Overall, we had a pleasant experience at Jasmine. Despite the hectic New Year's Eve crowd, the staff was attentive, gracious, and accommodating.  The food's a little pricey, but- hey- this was a special night for us, and we wanted to have something a little more upscale for a change.

2nd Level New World Hotel Makati City
Esperanza Street corner Makati Avenue, Ayala Center, Makati City 1228, Philippines
(Reservations/Bookings) +63 2 811.6888
Visit the official Jasmine website to check out their menu as well as their latest dining offers.

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