Let’s Go Ahead and Start a Blog Revolution

A lot of people have been asking me: “Hey man, you used to blog a lot before. What happened?”

My knee-jerk reaction would be to answer back, “I just got busy”. Or something else along those lines.  Which was true: since I started blogging back in 2007, I’ve done quite a bit of traveling, produced a number of concerts, got into small business, got married, moved around a couple times, and now, I run a fairly successful cake shop in Tagaytay.

Renzie Baluyut

No doubt about it: blogging is still a great way for small businesses and personalities to not just build authority and discoverability, but to also interact with their respective target audiences in a manner you just can’t replicate with traditional forms of media.

But I have asked myself the exact same question: why *did* I stop blogging? Or how was it that I dropped out of the local blogging scene?

And then this morning, a good friend of mine (B Canapi) posted this on his Facebook wall:

I’ve talked to too many former bloggers who have given up and left the scene. These people, in my opinion, produced excellent blogs that truly reflected their passions. They were heartfelt, comprehensive, well-written, informative and entertaining. It kills me to see these people drift away from blogging because they’ve been turned off by how the scene is nowadays.

There are too many awful bloggers out there. A lot of these bloggers have questionable talents, misguided priorities, and seem to have no ethics at all. It’s likely that a lot of them became bloggers just to get invited to events and get freebies. Some of them are pretty blatant about this, actually. And it sickens me.

Blogging is not supposed to be living from loot bag to loot bag. I actually like to believe that blogging, like most worthwhile things, should be done with passion and conviction. It should have heart. One blogs because he or she is so passionate about something that he or she need to take the time to write about it.

(At the very least, blogs should have correct grammar, but I’m nitpicking at this point)

I am sick and tired of awful bloggers who are only in it for the money and freebies. I am sick and tired of bloggers who do unethical things just because they feel like it. I am saddened by the good bloggers who give up blogging because they’ve either been pushed out or they’ve given up on the practice.

I say we fight back.

To hell with the odds, to hell with the cliques, to hell with the status quo. If you’re a true blue blogger who gave up because of the ugliness of the scene, boot up your blogs and fight back by posting about what makes you happy. If you’re thinking about starting a blog because there are things you want to share, by all means, start that blog. It won’t be easy. Most of the time, it will feel like we’re wasting our time. But little by little, people will take notice. People will see that we have the quality, we have the drive, we’re not in it for profit, and we have the passion. We may never totally get rid of awful bloggers, but we can certainly cut them down to size. And we will do this, one post at a time.

Let’s do this.

Well said, B. Let’s go get ’em. Let’s go start a blog revolution!

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