My Background in FM Radio

My first real job was as an FM radio announcer (a DJ, if you will) for 99.5RT. This was back in 1994, I was on my fourth year of B.S. Physical Therapy in UP Manila, and my first assignment was the graveyard shift (2am to 6am everyday). It was at RT that I had my foundation for broadcasting, and I’ve also learned to capitalize on my work credentials to land more gigs hosting events and doing voice-over work for TVs, commercials, and AVPs.

Taking Care of Business with FM radio executive, digital marketing entrepreneur, and small business owner, Renzie Baluyut |
I was, at some point, an FM radio executive, having worked for some of the country’s top FM radio stations.

Mellow 94.7 was my longest radio gig, having worked for that particular station for ten years (from 1997 to 2007). This was where I produced special radio programs, and wrote more on-air copy for client-sponsored segments. It was also at Mellow 94.7 that I was more into digital audio production (still a relatively new thing back in the day!) and also got more involved with events (station-initiated stuff like movie premieres, bar tours, themed parties, and campus/office visits).

My last years at Mellow also gave me valuable experience in terms of branding (I was involved in rebranding the station to a more contemporary, slightly more upscale concept), as well as marketing and sales (I headed the FM radio sales team for 3 years).

Since 2007 though, I’ve made the transition to digital, actively learning search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management, and putting my marketing and communication skills to better use by working on WordPress sites and blogging (which was still a relatively new industry back then). And while I’ve had short stints with 105.1 Crossover (in 2007-2008) and Y101-FM Metro Cebu (2016-2017), unless something interesting comes my way, it’s likely that my radio days are over.

Working with Renzie

Taking Care of Business with FM radio executive, digital marketing entrepreneur, and small business owner, Renzie Baluyut |
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