Our New Year Celebration 2018

New Year 2018 at the New World Hotel.
It's Baby Pablo's first New Year celebration! We're gonna have a good time tonight. Let's celebrate. It's alright!

We decided to leave Tagaytay as early as December 30 and check in to a hotel in time for the New Year festivities. We initially had a booking at New World Hotel in Manila-- that one closer to Roxas Boulevard and Manila Bay.

Hours into our stay, wifey noticed that her eyes, as well as baby Pablo's, were getting irritated.  While the room was OK, this hotel has more smoking guests than non-, plus you have a casino in the premises as well, which meant more second-hand smoke. Not very baby-friendly at all.

So we cancelled our booking, and decided to check into another hotel.

We ended up moving to the New World Hotel in Makati instead, as we enjoyed our stay there the previous weekend for Christmas.

New World Hotel in Makati City

Now this was much better. We realized it was such short notice, but we were thankful we still had a room in time for New Year.

This time around though, wifey took time to lounge by the pool and let baby Pablo do some sunbathing.

New Year 2018 at the New World Hotel.
Baby catching himself some rays by the poolside of New World Hotel in Makati City.

I took the opportunity to catch up on my reading, while wifey and sis-in-law headed on over to Greenbelt just across the street to get some errands done.

Baby Pablo spent the rest of the day with me. His ninangs also stopped by in the afternoon bearing belated Christmas gifts.

New Year 2018 at the New World Hotel.
Baby Pablo's godmothers-- Ninang Carla and Ninang Jo come bearing gifts!

More photos of our baby boy just chillin' out at New World Hotel here.

New Year's Eve Dinner

We decided to have dinner at the hotel. New World's restaurant at the second level is Jasmine, known for its authentic Chinese cuisine.

New Year 2018 at the New World Hotel's very own authentic Chinese restaurant, Jasmine.
Let's get this party started! (But first-- dinner.)

In line with the ongoing New Year festivities, the staff at Jasmine handed out all sorts of party gear-- hats for the dudes and headbands and necklaces for the chicks, with a variety of party poppers, horns, and noisemakers to usher in 2018.

Read more about our New Year's Eve Dinner at Jasmine.

New Year Countdown

While baby Pablo was sleeping, we decided to check out the festivities at the hotel lobby.

New Year 2018 at the New World Hotel.
New World Hotel had a stage set up at the lobby with a live band performing, and a whole bunch of tables and chairs set up for partygoers.

New Year 2018 at the New World Hotel.
Whether you're in the mood for some live entertainment, or for just a drink or two, New World Hotel has you covered!

It was pretty family-friendly-- while they had a stage and a live band dishing out party music, you could see all kinds of hotel guests, from people going solo, to couples or groups of friends, and even families with little ones in tow.

We were able to sneak in a couple of photos with baby Pablo on our way up from Jasmine. More photos below:

New Year's Day Breakfast Buffet

Being the probinsyano tito/titas that we are, we're up early and ready for breakfast.

Baby Pablo has had his morning milk by the time we'd head down to have our breakfast, with mommy and daddy eating in shifts.

So we're down at New World's Cafe 1228 just a little past 6am, and lo and behold-- we had the whole cafe to ourselves! Guess everyone's partied out from last night's festivities!

Holiday. Celebrate.

We're gonna have a good time tonight. Let's celebrate. It's alright.

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