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Pancake House Fried Chicken, Spaghetti, and Tacos | Food Hacks

We love Pancake House.

We love it so much that our orders are pretty much set before we even come in: my wife typically orders one of their golden waffles or a stack of pancakes, and I order a 3-piece pan chicken.  With house blend iced teas, of course!

Pan Chicken Photo from the Pancake House Facebook Page
Mmm. Love that Classic Pan Chicken.

In fact, I remember a time when I’d ask for more gravy, and then pour all that on an extra order of rice.  Even as far back as the 90’s, I recall going to a Pancake House at Shangri-la Mall, and having the roast beef.  Oh man, that brings back so many good memories.

Anyway, a friend and I have been talking, and it led to her sharing with me these food hacks for Pancake House food– specifically their fried chicken, the spaghetti, and tacos.

Tacos and Spaghetti from the Pancake House Facebook PageShe just made the spaghetti, and swears it tastes just like the one they serve at Pancake House.

So she shares with me this whole bunch of image files (you can find them below), and with a little digging around, I found out that these hacks originated from  The fried chicken hack was particularly popular– I found links on Disqus and Pinterest before finally finding the source post.

At any rate, I can imagine these hacks are of great value to our friends based abroad, since they really couldn’t head on over to Pancake House even if they wanted to.  In fact I was told that the biggest challenge really was finding Knorr liquid seasoning or calamansi.

Classic Pan Chicken

You may find the original post here.

Pancake House Hacks - Fried Chicken 01Quick note: you add the egg to the marinade mixture.
Pancake House Hacks - Fried Chicken 02
Pancake House Hacks - Fried Chicken 03Additional tips:

Try adding another tsp of calamansi to 1/4 cup of Evaporated Milk (REAL full-cream evap, not filled evap) before mixing it in with the other ingredients for the marinade. It will make your chicken more tender and rounder in flavor. One thing I noticed with Pancake House’s Pan Chicken is its buttermilk-calamansi tang. 😉
–Caezar Vizcarra

(Regarding rice flour)

I was also able to buy rice flour from Market Market’s supermarket. Around P50 for 500 grams.  I marinated the chicken na last night and didn’t put the egg! Haha putting it now but sayang it wasn’t in the overnight marinade. Hope it turns out well pa rin 🙂
— Marian Hernandez

Was recently able to get rice flour (yup, rice flour, and not malagkit flour) at Cash & Carry supermarket. Don’t remember the brand, but I think it was just about 20 pesos for a small bag.
— Victoria

Pancake House Spaghetti
You may find the original post here.

Pancake House Hacks - Spaghetti

Pancake House Tacos
You may find the original post here.

Pancake House Hacks - Tacos 01 Pancake House Hacks - Tacos 02 Pancake House Hacks - Tacos 03Additional Notes:

We used good old McCormick seasoning, available at most supermarkets. 🙂
— Katrina of


The team of Miakka Lim for the chicken hack, Katrina Iriberri for the taco hack, and Dwight Co for the spaghetti hack.  These guys have been getting requests for all sorts of Pinoy favorites, so you all might also want to head on over to hunt down similar food hacks.

Photos from the official Pancake House Facebook page.

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Hello Sherwin.

Locally, the most readily available brand of tomato paste is Del Monte. I would imagine that would be readily available in the US as well.

Hope that helps!

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