Pics From Our Tagaytay Wedding, Part 1 of 3

Renzie and Odessa's Wedding 07-13-13

Here are the initial set of pictures from Oly Ruiz and Team Metrophoto; this batch of pics were taken on the day of the wedding, just as we were preparing for the big day.

You can read more about our Tagaytay Wedding here.

Here are some shots of our wedding preps over at beautiful Balai Taal:

All these photos taken by Oly Ruiz and his more-than-capable team at Metrophoto.

Our wedding ceremony was done at the Iglesia Ni Cristo chapel in Tagaytay.  You can view those photos here.

The wedding reception followed at the Midlands Veranda of Tagaytay Highlands.  You can view those photos here.

Just about to put together Part 2 (of 3) of our Tagaytay wedding photo compilation.  But before we do that, I would like to acknowledge our awesome wedding suppliers with us for our wedding preps:

  • Balai Taal.  We loved our stay, and we’re glad to have made this our home for the weekend.
  • Oly Ruiz and his team at Metrophoto.  Look at those beautiful photos, man!  Thanks so much for making us all look awesome!
  • Leo Posadas and his hair and makeup team.
  • Mel Orlina for Odette’s lovely wedding gown, as well as the dresses on the bridesmaids and our moms!
  • Kiss The Girl Events.  Good job keeping everyone in line and on time!
  • Robert Camba Catering.  For keeping us and our wedding suppliers well fed all day, up until the wedding reception.

There’s a good chance I might be forgetting some suppliers, but I’ll make sure to add them here as soon as I remember.  More of our other wedding suppliers in the coming posts.

Odessa and I would like to thank everyone who made it to the big day– our family and friends, especially those who flew in from out-of-town, and those who took time out from their busy schedules to be with us that evening. To our wedding suppliers– thanks for making everything possible; we’ll have a follow-up post coming up listing and linking to you all– you’ve all done an awesome job.

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