Renzie’s First Photoshoot

So Odessa and I decided to have a nice little pre-nup shoot so we could have a bunch of pictures to show at the wedding reception we’ve been putting together.

We decided to use a spot near the cake shop in Amadeo, Cavite called Balite Falls. I just realized later that day that this was my very first photoshoot: with me as an actual subject, and a professional photographer clicking away at the other end of the camera lens.

I’m actually pretty pleased with the way the shots turned out. Looks like The Cohen Diet I’ve taken seemed to have really paid off. And I only have my better half to thank for that.

And so here are my solo shots from that batch of photos.

Photography by J Lucas Reyes, and styling by Aira Franco. Thanks to the good people of Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay for helping us out!

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