SEM and SEO for Hotels | An Infographic

Know the difference between SEM and SEO for hotels, as you consider online marketing strategies for your brand. Each one clearly has its advantages, and together, they make for a potent marketing mix.

SEO and SEM for Hotels
Key Learning Points

1. Hotel search is on the rise. Travelers use search for hotels more than any other aspect of their trip.

2. Two options to help increase your visibility on search: SEM, and SEO.

3. Why SEO? SEO is a more long-term strategy, requiring lots of regular, high-quality, relevant content, and a website tweaked properly to be more search-friendly. The pay off takes a while, but is definitely worth it.

4. Why SEM? SEM gives you a boost to online visibility as long as you keep putting funds into your campaigns.

5. A good mix of SEO and SEM works best!

Thanks to Buuteeq (which, incidentally, is now known as Booking Suite) for this infographic.

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