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My name is Renzie Baluyut. All-around media and marketing guy, digital entrepreneur, and small business owner.

Renzie BaluyutThat’s actually the short of it. I’ve had a rather interesting career in media, marketing, and events management, and now I’ve successfully made the transition from being gainfully employed to running my own business ventures.

I’m a hands-on sort of guy, really throwing myself into the thick of things as far as business is concerned. It’s not uncommon that I find myself lost in the day-to-day activities of running a small company.

And then there’s the challenge of business development, while also keeping in mind proper work-life balance. That’s a lot to take in, and I realize that there are a lot of entrepreneurs and like-minded folk out there who are pretty much worrying about the same things I’m worrying about.

And that’s where this blog comes in.

Renzie Baluyut Online aims to help entrepreneurs and small business owners with their marketing and business development concerns. Better business (ideally) leads to being able to do more, not just for your own venture, but also for yourself, allowing you to do the things you’d want to.

Welcome to the jungle.  We got fun and games.  We got everything you want. Honey, we know the names.

–Axl Rose & Slash, 1987

Stick around, and drop on in from time to time, and join me in this journey, as I’m trying to figure things out just as much as you are.

My Background

Renzie Baluyut on EntrepreneurshipI’ve just returned to FM radio (after a few years in semi-retirement), but I started out in media and advertising doing voice-over work, digital audio production, and the occasional live hosting gig. Radio taught me everything I now know about sales, traditional marketing, and event management.

I also joined the outsourcing industry in its early days in the Philippines (early 2000s), then dabbled with professional blogging and content development for a time, then moved on to putting together websites for various clients for various industries, and finally got into the concert business as an independent producer/promoter, before doing the sort of stuff I’m doing today.

My strengths are more along the lines of sales, marketing, communication, and business development. As a business owner, I put my fairly diverse skillsets into good use.

Currently, I am in the business of wedding cakes, party planning, property and bridal car rentals, as well as real estate, and web development.

My Unique Set of Skills
Renzie Baluyut
Sales and Marketing
Event Design and Event Management
Small Business Management
Business Development
Content Development/Blogging For Business
Internet Marketing
Wordpress/Web Development
Tagaytay Weddings & Events
Tagaytay Real Estate
Broadcast Media/Radio
Digital Audio Production

What This Site Is All About

Other than the more-than-occasional pop music/pop culture references, you can expect a lot of articles, video clips, infographics, and all sorts of resources on starting and running your own business.

Mmm. Japanese street food. Whatever it is, it's good!

Mmm. Japanese street food. Whatever it is, it’s good!

I would probably have an emphasis on digital marketing and business development, but we’ve got stuff as well on creativity, productivity, everyday tech for business-folk, inspirational stuff, money management tips, and work-life balance.

I’ll be sharing my insights and experiences on media and marketing, the wedding industry, goings-on in Makati or Metro Tagaytay (where I live), real estate in the Philippines, and working with WordPress and websites.

And of course, so we don’t go completely crazy doing the stuff that we do, we’ll have a healthy dose of fun: tips on where to eat or what to do to relax, and diving right into the sort of stuff that’s close to my heart: cooking, music, and stuff for geeks & nerds.

How To Get In Touch With Renzie Baluyut

Hello.  How are you?  I know you, I knew you.  I think I can remember your name.

— Berry, Buck, Mills and Stipe, 1988.

Renzie Baluyut

Interested in doing a project together? Looking to consult me on something? Or just want to nurture a like-minded connection?

You can jump over to my “Contact Me” page to leave a quick message— it goes straight to my email. You can also connect with me via social media: you’ve got links over there on the sidebar, as well as on the aforementioned “Contact Me” page.

Also, you can read more about me here.

Looking forward to hearing from you! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my site.