• What’s New With Me? [October 2014]

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    Renzie Baluyut Online | Adventures in Digital Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing and Small Business with Renzie Baluyut.

    Jesus, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this site. My time has been occupied developing content and building a few new sites from the ground up. Notably: Our site over at Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.  We’ve been rather active with this brand lately, developing lots of content for the site and for our...

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    The Increasing Popularity of Vacation Rentals

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    In & Around Tagaytay, with Renzie Baluyut

    Whenever I’ve concluded business with my soon-to-wed couples, I try to get to know them a little more– usually asking about Tagaytay wedding preparations, or if they’re still looking for local wedding suppliers, or what other last-minute details they need fixed in time for the big day. On the subject of accommodations– as family...

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    Revisiting Email Marketing

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    Renzie Baluyut on Marketing

    As a business owner, I can tell you right now that Email Marketing is very important. Sure, it’s not as glamorous or cool as “Community Building”, “Search Engine Marketing”, or putting together a massive conference, but it’s a crucial skill for managing and maximizing leads brought in by all your content development and inbound...

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    Puppet Theater Manila’s Puppet Workshop

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    Events & Promos on Renzie Baluyut Online | Adventures in Entrepreneurship & Marketing with Tagaytay small business owner Renzie Baluyut.

    Puppet Theater Manila brings you an awesome Puppet Workshop! The puppet workshop is a three-day affair, and is great for aspiring and professional performing artists (i.e. theater actors) who’d like to know more about working with puppets, as the workshop will be conducted by Marvin Choa and Sam Fuentes– both of whom taught puppetry...

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    “Lights Out”, a Horror Short by David Sanberg

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    Horror-Tastic Goodness on Renzie Baluyut Online | Adventures in Entrepreneurship & Marketing with Tagaytay small business owner Renzie Baluyut.

    Are you afraid of the dark? In this excellent gem of a horror short film we found online, director David F. Sanberg (with Lotta Losten) shows us why it’s so much more fun with the… “Lights Out”. Lights Out – Who’s There Film Challenge (2013) from David F. Sandberg on Vimeo. The horror short...

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    Visit View Park Hotel in Tagaytay City

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    In & Around Tagaytay, with Renzie Baluyut

    This is an article I put together for Bridal Cars Tagaytay, as part of a series showcasing all these must-visit spots in Metro Tagaytay: hotels and bed & breakfasts, restaurants and coffee shops, even churches, wedding venues, resorts and spas.  You could view the original post here. One of the newer, better hotels in...

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    Getting Into The Business of Weddings

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    Renzie Baluyut on Small Business Management

    Over the last several years, we’ve seen more entrepreneurs get into the business of weddings; not just in the area of Metro Tagaytay, not just here in the Philippines, but in pretty much the entire world.  Noticed how many wedding fairs are being held in Metro Manila alone?  How many wedding magazines are out...

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    Hello, Metro Tagaytay!

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    In & Around Tagaytay, with Renzie Baluyut

    Metro Tagaytay’s territory covers the entire Tagaytay City, as well as the adjoining Cavite towns of Alfonso, Indang, Mendez, Amadeo and Silang. The term “Metro Tagaytay” isn’t exactly an official designation, although it has been used mainly by real estate developers, wedding vendors, hotels, restaurants and other business owners operating in the neighborhood. While...

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    Balai Taal in Tagaytay City

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    Renzie Baluyut is a destination wedding consultant, professional events organizer and Metro Tagaytay small business owner | www.renziebaluyut.com

    Whether as a wedding venue or as a vacation home rental, Balai Taal is a popular choice, and you can see why moments upon entering the compound, which is located along Ligaya Drive in Tagaytay City. The view, first of all, is spectacular. You can take in the scenery on your way to where...

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    35 Quick Tips on Productivity

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    Get Shit Done 600x240px

    Get more shit done, with Renzie Baluyut. Startup evangelist Anna Vital had done a fair amount of traveling, which means working from anywhere in the world, and getting as much stuff done no matter where she is. In a post she shared on her site, Ms. Vital points out some habits shared by Steve...

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