What’s The Big Deal About Blockchain?

The Blockchain Applications and Economics Forum 2018

Experts and industry insiders call it "the next generation of the Internet", a game-changing technology that many predict will have a far-reaching impact across not just businesses and industries, but also across societies and world economies as well.

"The beauty and innovativeness of blockchain for many is its unchangeable nature," explains Hayk Hakobyan. A business expert, advisor and speaker, Hayk Hakobyan advises in AI and blockchain and worked with SMEs and MNCs across Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Think of the blockchain as a public ledger, but with the added functionalities of cryptography and a decentralized peer-to-peer network approach. The result is a distributed and immutable record which, as Mr. Hakobyan points out, can now hold all sorts of data. More than just digital currencies, goods, services, and other assets can now be exchanged without the need for centralized authority or traditional institution that normally acts as intermediaries to these kinds of transactions.

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Cobra Kai: Saving the Rest of the Episodes for Later

Alright. Saving the rest of the episodes for later/tonight. Got work to do.

In case you haven't checked it out yet-- Cobra Kai is a great web series. Picking up where the original Karate Kid franchise left off, Cobra Kai seems to be building up a pretty good story, plus it also has plenty of awesome 80's callbacks.

(Remind me to go find a copy of "Iron Eagle" after watching all 10 episodes.)

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CheckApp From CARI

CheckApp by CARI | www.renziebaluyut.com

Folks, there’s a new digital HMO service out soon out in the market, and its goal is to make healthcare a lot more accessible to our kabayans who normally don’t get to have medical coverage.

From the good people over at CheckApp Republic, Inc.– or CARI, as we affectionately refer to them– comes their flagship product: CheckApp.

CheckApp by CARI | www.renziebaluyut.com

While mobile applications have proliferated throughout the consumer landscape, one field found to be woefully underserved is Healthcare. Continue reading “CheckApp From CARI”